garment care


Make your clothes last as long as they were designed to.

It is recommended to hand wash linen in cold or lukewarm water using a mild detergent or a pure soap. Be careful not to twist the fabric or scrub it, since this can damage the fibers in the fabric and affect dyes. Alternatively, machine wash with a low spin on gentle program using a mesh bag and not exceeding 30°C.
With every wash, linen becomes softer and more absorbent, which is pretty neat. Hang your linen pieces to air dry or lie flat. Do not tumble dry as that can shrink, pull out of shape or damage the items.
The beauty of linen is its natural wrinkly, relaxed look. If you prefer ironing, it is a good idea to iron while the fabric is still damp or iron with steam at medium temperature.


Machine wash with a low spin at 30°C to prevent garments from shrinking and to keep them looking their best. Use a mild detergent or a pure soap and hang dry.